Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Website Hosting


We host all of our websites in major internet hubs with multiple redundancy and all within the continental US.


We don't try to be the cheapest, therefore we are not, but we are very reasonably price with quality hosting on servers that we keep updated.

99% Uptime Guaranteed

Our datacenters and equipment are good, so your site stays up.  It's that simple.

When we need to do routine maintenace on your server, we typically do it during the night when the load and server requests are at a bare minimum.  (We know this by monitoring and reports)

If you think your website is down, it most likely is not!  Use a service like to see if your site is online.  Usually, the problem is a router or swith in the internet highway that is unresponsive or burned out.  These issues are almost always corrected within 4 hours, but they are not us!


We run the popular and powerful apache / linux service configuration.


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