Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How much does your website construction cost?

Count on about $25 - $100 per page for art, images & text for 1 to 50 pages. 

2. I've paid up front for website construction before and have been cheated. What guarantees can you offer?

To begin with, we create a customized site for your approval before we even ask for billing information.

You can get a FREE DEMO without being obligated to buy.  That way, you  know what you are getting before you put any money down.  We require  either advance payment or approval of an easy pay plan, because we complete most sites in three days or less.

As far as guarantees go, a guarantee is only as good as the character of those offering it.  A contract is worth the value of the paper on which it is written when there is no character to back it up.

We don't require contracts.  A simple reply that you agree to an emailed proposal is all we ask.

If you want a written guarantee or contract, write out whatever you want and email it to us.  If we can do it, we'll sign it.

3. Do you also provide domain name registration and website hosting?

Yes.  97% of our clients buy a subscription support service from us.

We provide FREE domain name registration and renewal as well as FREE and unlimited hosting accounts (with control panel: email, stats ...) for all of our clients.

4. How can you afford to provide FREE domains and hosting? How do you make money?

We provide these services FREE with the purchase of a subscription support plan.  These plans start at $49.95/mo and include:

  • unlimited access to our own easy website editor
  • unlimited (direct) phone support - if you ever need help, just pick up the phone and call and you are NEVER charged an additional support fee
  • unlimited tech support

With the purchase of a subscription support plan we can afford to give the domain name renewals and hosting away.  They really don't cost that much for us to provide per account. 

The expensive part was the development of our website editor (CMS) and customer support, because that requires paying personnel - and this is the value you are getting when you work with us.

5. Will you construct my website and then provide a cheaper website hosting option? Do I have to buy a support plan? I can get hosting A LOT cheaper than $49.95/mo.

Yes, you may elect to purchase a cheaper website hosting option.  You may purchase website hosting from us (without the subscription to the website editor and webmastering and technical support) for $250/yr or $25/mo.

So, you are NOT required to buy a support plan.

Alternatively, you may purchase hosting from anywhere you want - but your support will come from your website host, not us.

Note: we do NOT recommend that you do this.  If your website presence is not worth $50/mo to you, we believe one of the following scenarios to be true:

  1. You do not operate a business, but are trying to make a few dollars via a hobby.  If this is your case, we are not the best company for you to be working with.  We support serious business owners - and their websites support the work they do as a career or a significant second income.
  2. You grossly underestimate the value of your website and its importance in effectively marketing your business.  Today, a person's favorite search engine is the tool they reach for when looking for business, just like it used to be the phone book.  (How much have you spent monthly or are you spending monthly still in an outdated marketing vehicle like a phone book?)
  3. Knowing the real value of an effective website presence, you are trying to get away with paying far less for our service than it is worth.  We know the real value of the services that we provide, and our price points are as low as we will go.

6. Are your prices introductory? Will they go up after my first year?

This is a really great question and we have an electrifying answer!  Your prices will NEVER go up for the services you have purchased.  We have NEVER raised prices on legacy customers.

Version 1 of our CMS was introduced in 2004 for $19.95/mo.  The price today (version 7) is $49.95/mo.  Those that purchased back in 2004 have received ALL of the updates and upgrades FREE and are still paying just $19.95/mo.

Prices for our products and services will increase for new customers (and typically rise annually along with the cost of living and doing business), but your prices are locked in.  Even when our prices go up (and they must), yours will NOT go up.  It is our commitment to legacy clients.

7. How is it that small, local website development companies can provide such a powerful program?


You have discovered the power and ease of our website editor!  Congratulations!  You are not alone.  It is the #1 rated program for overall ease of use and support among competitive website generators.

Pajezy is a large and robust development made available to end-users from authorized licensees of the program.  The company does not provide the service directly to end-users.  It can only be purchased from an authorized licensee.

Dozens of programmers, thousands of hours, lots and lots of money and a bunch of years (started in 2003) have gone into the development of the program - and still do.  This is maintained by the developers, not by the licensees.

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