Building Your Website Products or Services Page

If your company provides products.

... and you are selling products through an ecommerce store, it is most likely that what is viewed on the page is dynamically generated and therefore not search engine friendly.

So, if this is the case with your website, you will want to develop some static, HTML product pages and then link from those pages to your store, or bring the product from the page to the store via a .php include if your store will support it. ( and the sites that we host will support .php includes).

If you are using the store, it is dynamically gernerated HTML atatic content, and therefore IS search engine friendly.

Enable Scan and Dig

Most people scan websites, they don't READ them. However, your product may need a juicy description to be read in order to convince your target to purchase it, so make the description sizzle as much as you can.

Start with a delicious, short description and an image no larger than necessary to display the product (so it loads quickly). Allow your website shoppers to either click to learn more and see more product photos (use on-page anchor tags (#) for a hypertext "jump" down the page.

Go ahead and provide a buy now button or link or an add to cart button or link, but always make a way for them to learn more if they are not ready to buy.

Don't try to make them read long copy at first glance - that forbids them from the "scan." Let them scan and let them decide if they want to read or learn more.

Provide Photos and Video

Be sure to provide great photos and video of your product(s) when necessary. Always use enough photos to tell the story. If one says it all, just use one. If your product is something that moves or there are advantages to showing differing perspectives, a video would be great.

They can't touch it or smell it on your website - so the visual (and audio) is what you must rely on. Do a good job with it.

Use a Testimonial or Two about That Specific Product

You will have a testimonial's page, but why make people go there when they are looking at a specific product. Post appropriate testimonials for the specific products that tell them what their peers think of the product.

Make More Sales via Sampling

Sampling is a proven way to get more sales. If your target has a low-risk or no-risk way of trying your product before purchasing a large quantity of it, they are more likely to give it a try. It is then up to your product (and you) to convince them that they should make a regular order.

Use sampling whenever possible. It will cost you something, but marketing always does. Marketing (and its associated expenses) is a necessary part of getting sales.

Create a way of minimizing the risk of your target that also minimizes your own. If you need specific help with small business marketing, get in touch with A1 Small Business Marketing.

If your company provides services.

Adapt as much of the instruction above as is applicable, and be sure to post as many thorough testimnials as possible.

Use testimonials that are specific to the service that is being described.

For example, if your company provides tree services, your list of services might look like this:

  • Pruning
  • Fruit Tree Care
  • Tree Health Care
  • Training
  • Removal
  • Planting
  • Stump Grinding
  • Hauling
  • Chipping / Grinding
  • Mulching

You would want a good testimonial or two or three on the page that explains the specific service offered.

Offer Free Advice or Instruction

Free advice or instruction is equivalent to lightweight SAMPLING. By posted or published free content AND / OR brief, personal initial consultations you may be able to win the confidence (TRUST) of your target which will result in a new client.

Even if it doesn't, the "good will" you create can end up generating new referrals for you.

Sampling Can Work for You, Too!

For example, Les Schwab Tires fixes flats for anyone for FREE, regardless of whether or not they purchased their tires from them. This service has won them LOTS of new customers.

Find creative ways to allow your target to sample your services and enjoy the rewards of attracting new clients.

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