Building Your Website Frequently Asked Questions Page

Every website should provide a frequently asked questons (FAQS) page.

A FAQs Page Can Save You LOTS of Time

One of the things you need is more time, right? If someone is only a "tire kicker" why not get that question answered without it taking your time again and again and again and again and again ...?

Just answer it once by putting it on your FAQs page. Some people will still call, but it can greatly reduce the number of calls (so long as the page is easy for them to find) that waste your time.

Provide a List of Questions and Answers to Those Questions Asked Most Frequently

Start with either your most frequently asked question or the most important question. State the question clearly and then provide a complete answer.

Enable drill-down navigation for those that may want even more information by linking to another page.

When appropriate, include images, video and testimonials interwoven with the answers.

Ask the Questions for them that they SHOULD be Asking

Educating your clients is a must. You know what they need to know, and there is no better way to teach than the classic questions and answers format.

If they knew more, they would ask different questions. This is your opportunity to ask these questions for them. Providing the answers to these questions that they don't ask (but should) provides another opportunity for you to engage them with the hopes of winning their business if they are on a discovery mission, or providing valuable content to them if they are already customers.

Ask more Questions that you WISH they were Asking

In addition to the questions that they do ask, and should ask, there are also questions that you WISH they would ask. These questions would be "Why should I choose you? There are lots of other businesses that I could choose instead?"

The answer to this question is your USP (Unique Selling Proposition[s]). If you want people to do business with you, you must have one or more compelling reasons.

Here is another opportunity to compel them. Don't miss it!

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