Building Your Website Articles Page

Articles Provide BREADTH for Your Website

To serve your website visitors well, you need to provide helpful and authoritative content for them. So write articles.

If you are not gifted to write, then hire someone who is to interview you on your chosen topics to write the articles for you.

If you want to rank better in the organic search engines results pages (SERPS), then you need both DEPTH and BREADTH as a part of your on-site SEO strategy.

Well developed, complete articles provide BREADTH and the way you link to these articles internally on your website provides DEPTH.

Parsing Your Articles Provides DEPTH for Your Website

A complete article may have many pages and five to ten main points. Some articles can be parsed (divided) to make several articles that focus on one specific aspect and link out to additional, related subjects or the complete article.

Each Article Should be Named with Keywords in the Title of the Page

When you are ready publish your article, start by naming it properly when you create the page. Give it a Title that includes ALL of the relevant keywords.

The same is true when you divide it or parse it into smaller articles.

Organize Your Articles Page to Be User Friendly

Your articles page should be outlined into topics and then use a bulleted list below each topic with the anchor text matching the name of the article you are linking to.

Link from the title of the article, and provide a brief review of the article contents, at the close of the review provide a link to the full article.

Link to Your Articles Internally

You should also have this great content blended into your website naturally and link out to the articles when appropriate. It is best to link from natural keywords in your text.

Enable Drill-Down

If you have "mini articles" that are a part of a complete subject article, ALWAYS link to the abbreviated or concise version (the smaller one), which should also link out to the full article on the subject when they want to read more.

People usually SCAN webpages instead of reading them, and the are often in a hurry just to get to the meat of what they want. You are serving them best when you give them EXACTLY what they want to KNOW and ONLY what they want to know. If they want to LEARN MORE, you are providing that for them as well.

Just don't make them HUNT for the content. Make it plain.

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